In the Dark by Steve Wing

  Dad liked to call my brother St. Gregory the Great. He said when Greg sneezed, he always sneezed three times in honor of the Trinity. Mom...

The Eating Spree by Mika Taylor

  Download story audio in .mp3 format, read by PR Giffis: novelist, essayist, agent provocateur, and husband of Mika Taylor.   It was...

Idlewild by Shannon Reed

  Download story audio in .mp3 format.   Some things I forget because they weren’t worth remembering. Other things I forget as...
The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle by Eloise Schultz

By Eloise Schultz, with audio : 4th Annual Fiction Contest Winner, Judged by Teague Bohlen At some point, she stopped wearing the ring. I noticed when I came home from the library, helping her peel wax off the kitchen counter. When I asked, she told me that it had slipped off while she was swimming and sunk to the bottom of the lake. They searched for it, a gold glint in the mud and pebbles, but soon gave up.