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Barbara Rockman


Three Peaches on a White Plate

beside the tulips
whose fingers, fisted for days,
fly open in a sprawl of red-dappled
double-jointed wrists
and flushed palms.
Their purple pistils,
velvet nibs with which
they will write themselves
love poems.
In ripening

the peaches swell
their furred cheeks.



Watched Pot

five brown eggs
verge on boil.
Minute water orbs
wrap and translate
bronze light
to copper,
copper to crimson.
Such cresting
as early sun
flashes the saucepan,
as I, against myth,

The red-freckled shell rubs
the rashed and roughened;
the smallest held down
by brethren’s bob and spin;
the largest separates
to slow side swirl––
all, pearl-clung,

what will be chilled, split,
served bright-eyed
circling tonight’s salad.



Barbara Rockman teaches poetry at Santa Fe Community College and in private workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Recipient of the New Mexico Discovery Award, The MacGuffin Poetry Prize, the Southwest Writers Poetry Prize, and the Baskerville Publishers’ Award, she is the editor of the anthology Women Becoming Poems (Cinabar Press) and author of the collection Sting and Nest (Sunstone Press), 2011. Barbara is a graduate of the MFA in Writing program at Vermont College of Fine Arts.
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