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Frank Gallimore


Listen to Frank Gallimore read "Drift Net:"

Drift Net

The rumor of a lost kite pinioned to wrack, 
    a rudderless vessel come unmoored 
and caught on a reef, banquet for lobsters  
    and octopi that themselves snag  
    inside the screens and die. If this  
then how many others pulled down  
    like shame into blossoming rot?   
The sea lays captive in it, blue acres  
    like trapped sky still flexing  
    with a current’s slow pivots,
a year’s salt churning inside remnants  
    of a blowfish. Distended kelp bladders choke  
down into the wrested underside  
    of paradise, hanging gardens  
    of albacore, dolphin, innumerable 
    silt around the tanks, like petrified lungs, 
of two divers long ago tangled down.



Frank Gallimore lives and works as a sign language interpreter in Seattle. He is also the editor of Kiss-Fist Magazine. His poems have appeared in Slate, Measure, The Cimarron Review, Verse Daily, and Smartish Pace.
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